PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- The Portland Fire Museum opens up one day of the year and on Saturday October 13th the museum will host its 16th open house. The Portland Veteran Fireman's Association and the Portland Fire Department staff the event until 3:00 p.m. One of the main attractions every year are the stables. Horses named Sam and Jim are housed in the stalls where people can pet them

Michael Daicy, one of the museum's organizers says the city of Portland has a rich fire history with over 20 conflagrations dating back to the Revolutionary War era. The current museum was built in 1837 and is listed on the Nation Historic Registry. It was originally a fire house, school house and voting room for Ward 6. Many of the items have been saved by members of the Portland Veteran Fireman's Association dating back to 1891.

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"It's important for everyday citizens to see what firefighters do today, and what they did years ago," said Daicy. "We celebrate this week because it's National Fire Prevention Week... it's good awareness for adults and children to be careful with fire."

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The Portland Fire Department is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year. The Portland Fire Museum operates on donations and is hoping to replace its deteriorating windows in the future.