ISLE OF SHOALS, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A couple of years ago, a small island chain, wedged between Maine and New Hampshire, celebrated the man who discovered it 400 years ago.

That discovery led to the mapping of all of New England and opened the channels to some of the richest fishing in America's history.

The island chain is called "The Isle of Shoals"…a short boat ride, but a world away.

Star Island of The Isle of Shoals was the playground for the rich of Boston and New York who all wanted to escape the heat. That was in the heyday of the grand hotels in the 1800's. But the history here goes way back to 1614 when Captain John Smith discovered it and he decided to call it Smith Isle.

Star Island is charming and echoes whispers of F. Scott Fitzgerald's book "The Great Gatsby." While not the host to the rich and famous that it once was, the island still welcomes guests looking for a quiet, picturesque summer getaway. Many have returned here for years, generations even. There is a rugged beauty to it.

It's that respite from the real world that first drew visitors to the Isles of Shoals back in the 19th century, when the island chain boasted bragging rights as the "King of Cod"- enormous quantities and sizes of cod were fished in these waters.

Star is also about connecting with the environment---in 2015, installing 420 solar panels. It is the largest off grid solar array in the northeast and provides sixty percent of the small island's power during the busy season. In the off season- September to May, they provide 100% of the island's power. Star has taken an active lead in going green—recycling all of its food waste and crushing recycled glass, turning it into fill. Those who work on the island say they're also working on a wastewater reclamation plan to treat and clear wastewater and then use it for irrigation and to flush toilets.

A modern solution for an old, historic island that played a big role in American history…this generation preserving the island that captured Captain John Smith's heart, for generations to come.