WASHINGTON (NEWS CENTER Maine) - The ex-wife of David Sorensen is speaking out, one day after Sorensen spoke to NEWS CENTER, denying he had ever physically abused her.

Sorensen was once a senior adviser to Governor LePage, who went on to be a speechwriter for President Trump. On Friday he stepped down from that position after White House officials learned of his ex-wife’s allegations.

Yesterday Sorensen told us he was never physically violent with his ex-wife Jessica Corbett, but that’s not what Corbett told NBC News in an exclusive interview.

“He has thrown me into a wall. He has put a cigarette out on my hand”, Corbett said.

Corbett says she was also subjected to emotional abuse.

“He has left me stranded in countless airports, cut off my credit cards in the middle of the night, drained my bank accounts, told me I can’t come home or that I’d be homeless”, she said.

Sorensen admitted his marriage was a disaster. He told us yesterday he and Corbett fought all the time, but he says it never crossed the line of becoming physical.

Corbett says she told an FBI agent who was screening Sorensen for the White House job about the abuse. But she also said she didn’t think Sorensen would be a risk to national security.

“I said absolutely not, because he was very good at his job. I think he’s good at what he does”, she said.

Sorensen says no one should believe Corbett’s claims, that she’s orchestrating an effort to destroy his reputation. Corbett says she’s not out to get him, she was simply telling the truth when asked about their relationship.