BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A recent survey showed that one in four people in the Bangor area have low or no literacy, now Eastern Maine Medical Center is partnering with the Literacy Volunteers of Bangor to change that.

EMMC staff members said this is a concerning statistic. They stated this can interfere with tasks such as filling out a medical form, understanding prescription instructions or even reading nutrition labels while at the grocery store.

"When you're facing a new or complex health challenge you're being introduced to a whole new language" Victoria Merry said. Merry is the Director of Patient Experience at EMMC.

The hospital has posters with information cards around the building and in patient rooms -- anyone is eligible to reach out for a tutor. Since the partnership was created they have had 10 people ask for help in reading, writing or spelling. They are hoping to get at least 25 people total.

"What I love about this partnership is that it gives them a chance to really work on things that are prevalent to them" Merry said. "That are important to them and are really going to change their life".