AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Hundreds of people gathered at the State House to protest Gov. LePage’s recent comments and ask him to leave office or seek some kind of treatment.

They came together for what they called an 'SOS,' or 'Save our State' rally.

The event had other goals besides asking the governor to step down, like encouraging people to prevent bullying and urging state legislators to push for effective treatment for drug addicts.

But many of the speakers focused on how the governor’s voice mail to Rep. Gattine, and other comments he’s made in the past, such as suggesting how race has put a bad mark on the state and made Maine seem unwelcoming to people of color.

“I find it disturbing how much bad press Maine has gotten due to the leadership,” said Joanne Rosenthal, a protester from Brunswick. “It's been going on for six and a half years and enough is enough.”

Many more people than organizers had hoped for showed up.

They held signs saying the governor should resign or be impeached and sang songs while in a circle around Capitol Park.

Betsy Sweet organized the event and said the next step is to take the rally’s message and the protesters disapproval of the comments directly to state legislators.

“We need to talk to our legislators, talk to our representatives and I think we need to just say, this is not who we are, you need to do something,” she said.

LePage is expected to meet with Rep. Gattine in Augusta at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.