“He was actually found dead in his apartment on June 27th. So he lasted 27 days not being covered.”

Nicole Smith-Holton is just one of many mothers in America, who lost a child to the skyrocketing price of insulin.

In the last 15 years, the cost of the life-saving drug tripled. When we first reported this story, so many of our viewers told us they were struggling to pay for diabetes treatment.

But there is some good news. Med Access, a program through Maine Medical Center, can help you get a year’s supply of insulin for free.

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A spokesperson for Med Access says they work directly with the pharmaceutical companies to help Mainers apply for and obtain financial assistance. The program is for all life-saving medications, but insulin is a very popular request.

There are a few guidelines. Most pharma companies stipulate that an applicant make less than $2,530 a month, which is about 250% of the Federal Poverty Line. But the Med Access spokesperson encourages everyone to at least apply because all companies are different.

Even if you or a loved one don’t qualify for free insulin, Med Access offers vouchers or coupons to lower the cost.

Here’s the number: 1-877-275-1787