(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- The amount of tourists staying in the state is reaching record highs and it's getting busier.

The Maine Revenue Service released numbers to the Maine Innkeepers Association saying lodging has seen a 14.2% increase in visitors through May. This takes into account inns, hotels and Airbnbs, but the numbers from the busiest months of the summer have not been released.

Smith Travel Research numbers shows a 10.3% increase in stays through July, according to the Maine Inn Keepers Association. STR represents larger properties, chain hotels or larger resorts.

Airbnb released its numbers and predictions through Labor Day. The short-term rental company estimated 229,000 guests to arrive in the state from May 25th through September 3rd, a nearly 50% increase from 2017. Airbnb says most visitors are staying from Massachusetts, New York and from Maine.

The most 'favorited' AirBNB locations in Maine are in Camden and Sullivan, but the top honor goes to the Coastal Maine Cottage in Surry.


"The summer of 2018 was great for Airbnb in Maine, with more hosts, guests, and businesses enjoying the economic opportunity of the world’s leading home sharing community than ever before,” said Josh Meltzer, the Head of Northeast Policy. "Airbnb is proud to bring the benefits of the tourist economy to every corner of Vacationland putting money in the pocketbooks of middle-class families, while boosting the bottom line for small businesses."

The Maine Inn Keepers Association says the swell in sightseers is not as widespread. The increase in lodging has caused an uptick in business for the restaurant industry.

“It’s certainly been a very good year for Portland and points south, especially along the south coast beaches area," said Gregory Dugal the Director of Government Affairs at the Maine Inn Keepers Association. "It’s been a little bit more uneven for smaller inns and B&Bs as you get east of Portland, going up the coast. It’s not been quite as successful with them as it has been for other areas.”

As for official summer tourism tallies, numbers between May and October will likely be released by the end of the year.