BIDDEFORD, Maine — Working during hot and humid weather can be the pits but most people forget about how the humidity can wreak havoc on your home doing serious damage to your wallet.  

Refrigerator sales get a boost during the summer months according to sales associate George Pelletier at Argen in Saco. But not because people really want a new fridge. In homes without air conditioning refrigerators are working overtime to keep food cold, says Pelletier. 

A resident in Wells tells NEWS CENTER Maine she recently spent more than $1,500 when her refrigerator quit in the middle of a heat wave, losing all the food inside as well.

Constant opening and closing the fridge coupled with the compressor running 25 to 50 percent more often during hot days than it normally would can make the refrigerator bite the dust says Pelletier. 

Other than getting air conditioning, Pelletier recommends vacuuming out the grates at the bottom of the appliance and making sure to remove any dust or pet hair that get caught up in the coil system which can cause the compressor to overheat. 

Around 85 percent humidity the water particles in the air can mimic smoke and send your smoke alarms off, says Firefighter Tim Sevigny of the Biddeford Fire Dept.

Sevigny says the most important way to make sure that humidity doesn't send smoke detectors off, clean them and install fresh batteries. If a smoke alarm does go off, Sevigny warns people to investigate and make sure there is not a fire and if you are not sure, call the fire department.