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'He was just so proud': Family of 25-year-old killed in motorcycle Toy Run speaks

WINDSOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- State Police are piecing together the details of Sunday's deadly accident during the popular United Bikers of Maine Toy Run in Augusta.

Two men on motorcycles collided with a pick-up truck shortly into the ride.

58-year-old Jamie Gross and 25-year-old Aaron Sevigny were both killed...several others were injured.

Monday, outside their home in Windsor, those who knew him best, his family, shared pieces of Aaron’s life.

"The day before the accident I didn't know that would be the last time I ever saw him," Ryan Sevigny said of his older brother Aaron. Wearing his brother's oversized and favorite Bruins' sweat-shirt, Ryan bravely fought back tears, remembering an older brother taken too soon.

In the last photo taken of Aaron Sevigny, minutes before he was killed, Aaron is captured standing in front of his motorcycle outside the Augusta civic center..the start of the United Bikers of Maine toy run ride.

"They had just gone into Walmart and got two toys to bring to the toy run and he never even made it drop his toys off," Aaron’s mother Jen explains, as she sits outside her home next to her husband Roy. As they share details of their first born, they smile and cry, visibly shaken, yet proud of the young man he had become: volunteer firefighter, a kind soul who helped the homeless, a true friend and great son. This year Aaron got his motorcycle license and recently, a new Harley.

"He was so proud just to own a motorcycle..he couldn't wait to get here and show it all off," Roy said. “Especially to his grandfather Bampy. He just couldn't wait to show everybody. He was just so proud.”

On Sunday, Aaron was on his Harley, doing what he loved doing: giving to others.

While on that Harley, his life was taken. His dad told NEWS CENTER his aorta was torn when the pickup hit him. The love of his life was on the back of the bike, she broke her foot, understandably too upset to speak about it.

Their little boy---one-year-old Lucas---the spitting image of his dad---will now know him only through the stories others are willing to share.

"We did a lot of snowmobiling together, a lot of hunting and fishing, we built race cars together. Aaron was like my world."

"And he couldn't wait to do that stuff with his son. Just too young."

"Aaron was my best friend and ever since he moved here every day and every night I would tell him that I love him."

It’s a memory that leaves no room for regrets.

When asked if they had any messages for drivers, Roy Sevigny nodded and said, “Yeah, they just need to watch out for bikers.”

On Tuesday, Aaron's family will begin making funeral arrangements. “No parent should ever have to bury their child. They should bury us,” Jen says stoically. They have set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. If you are interested, go to: https://www.gofundme.com/aaron-Sevignys-funeral-expenses

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