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He almost didn't live another day. Now, he's celebrating his 3rd birthday.

Enoch McGovern almost didn't live to this special day, after being involved in a horrific pedestrian crash that killed his mother, Heidi, and left him severely injured.

Enoch McGovern, the little boy who captured the hearts and minds of folks throughout the state and beyond last October, is celebrating his 3rd birthday Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, Enoch's grandmother Brenda Bickford wrote that her family "continues to praise God for sparing his life, so that we can celebrate with him!"

It was just a little more than six months ago, on October 4, 2018, when Enoch's mother, Heidi McGovern, stepped in front of a tanker truck on I-95 outside the town of Lincoln while holding 2-year-old Enoch in her arms.

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Heidi died instantly, but miraculously little Enoch survived.

Their family spoke of Enoch's recovery in the hospital with NEWS CENTER Maine just days after the crash.

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Only six months later, and Bickford tells NEWS CENTER Maine that she believes Enoch has completely recovered from the physical trauma.

"He's jogging, laughing, saying ABC's, counting his 1,2,3's and keeping his younger brother in line," writes Bickford. "We continue to praise our God for so many miracles!"

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