MADISON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — State and county police are investigating what they call "an extreme case of domestic violence" in Madison that left four dead, including the suspected gunman, and another wounded.

The victims of the Wednesday morning shooting were identified by officials later in the afternoon as 52-year-old Lori Hayden; her son, 25-year-old Dustin Tuttle; 57-year-old Michael Spaulding; and the wounded, 57-year-old Harvey Austin.

The gunman was also identified as 51-year-old Carroll Tuttle Jr., who officials said is the husband of victim Lori Hayden.

Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster said three deputies were involved in the shooting of the suspected gunman. All were put on administrative leave, which is standard procedure, Sheriff Lancaster said. No law enforcement was hurt during the shootings.

Lancaster said deputies responded just after 7:30 a.m. to reports of a shooting and confronted Tuttle. He said they left the crime scene then came back. The shooting of the suspect happened in one of the driveways.

State Public Safety spokesperson Steve McCausland said the shootings happened in separate locations within less than a mile along Russell Road — 316 Russell Rd (Tuttle's home) and 299 Russell Rd (Michael Spaulding's home).

Police said Austin is married to a woman related to Hayden, though were unable to immediately clarify the specific relationship.

► WATCH: Public Safety spokesperson, Somerset County sheriff provide update on Madison shootings

Earlier in the day, Skowhegan selectwoman Darla Pickett confirmed to the Morning Sentinel the death of her daughter, Hayden, who is also the sister of Skowhegan’s finance and human resources director, Trisha Austin.

"I only know my child is gone," Pickett, also a former Morning Sentinel reporter, told the newspaper in a brief phone call Wednesday afternoon. "I’m just broken hearted right now I can’t … talk. I just can’t talk. I’m sorry.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the Madison shootings are among the region's and state's deadliest since November 2015, when three people in Oakland were shot and killed by a gunman who ultimately shot himself

State Police detectives are investigating the shootings along with the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office. The attorney general’s office has also sent a group of their investigators to the scene to review the shots fired by the deputies.