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Group in Bangor offers free overdose antidote and training

The Bangor Church of Safe Injection offers naloxone as training to free at Pickering square every Saturday afternoon

BANGOR, Maine — Members of the Bangor Church of Safe Injection were out in Pickering Square on Saturday, offering free naloxone, the overdose antidote commonly referred to as narcan. 

"We are looking out for those who have been left behind. And what we're doing is showing compassion to a community that isn't used to receiving that," said Bangor Church of Safe Injection founder Dave Carvagio, which is not his real name. 

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The Church of Safe Injection is an organization which provides training in how to administer naloxone as well as needle exchanges and fentanyl testing strips. Their goal is to keep those with substance abuse disorders alive. 

There are currently more than 20 branches across nine states. The group also works to give additional resources to those in recovery, and provide information on how to apply for Maine Care. 

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Needle exchanges are illegal for those without certification for Center for Disease Control.