SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Hundreds of new jobs are coming to Scarborough.

That's what is anticipated to come from the massive development underway.

There was a groundbreaking Friday for one phase of The Downs project for what will be the "Innovation District."

It's one part of the 525-acre site that, over the next 10 to 15 years, will be home to a town center, businesses, homes, recreational trails, a new sports complex, and more.

For one Scarborough native, this new space will allow him to grow not one, but two of his businesses.

"I've been looking for the last year and a half for a new space and I had no luck, there's just not enough inventory out there," said Sam Marcisso of Pine State Services and Zoom Drain New England. "Nothing that would fit our needs. I heard about what was going here, dug a little deeper and said this is perfect. I can have my Pine State Services on this lot, and Zoom Drain New England on another lot."  

Marcisso says he'll be able to add a couple dozen more jobs over the next few years.

The entire development area is half the size of the Portland peninsula and is expected to generate $10 million in new tax revenue and create thousands of jobs.

The Town Center construction phase is expected to begin next year.

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