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Great white shark confirmed off Maine coast just in time for Shark Week

Shark week is on the way and a UNE researcher has confirmed the presence of a great white just off the coast off OOB.

Shark week is starting with a bang here in Maine, with a confirmed great white sighting.

According to Chris Rose of the University of New England, a commercial fisherman spotted a whale carcass with bite marks about 5 miles off the coast of Old Orchard Beach this week.

University of New England professor of marine science James Sulikowski confirmed the bite marks came from a great white shark.

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Sulikowski and his students took measurements of the bites, aprroximating the bites to be 18 inches across. That bite radius would translate into a shark approximately 12-14 feet long, according to Sulikowski.

Sulikowski and students built camera devices that use area bait to attract fish towards a light and camera approximately 3 miles from the area of this sighting.

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