AUGUSTA (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Mainers will be watching as Gov. Paul LePage speaks to the Legislature and a statewide TV and digital audience Tuesday night for his annual and final State of the State address.

It could be the last time the Governor gives a full speech to the Legislature, which means it’s a chance for him to again make the case for tasks he still wants to get done, such as tax changes, protesting against domestic violence or helping elderly people stay in their homes. It's also a chance for the Governor to remind lawmakers of issues like Medicaid expansion, which was passed by Maine voters despite his opposition.

The Governor continues to be a controversial figure in Maine, with that status reinforced by last week's move to shut down the prison in Washington County. When we asked people on Facebook and in public what they would like Gov. LePage to say in the speech, the answers fell along a sharp divide. Those who like LePage said they essentially want to hear more of what he has done the past seven years.

"That he’s going to continue taking care of businesses the way he has," said Karen from Richmond. "He's a little tactless sometimes, but hey, you know where he stands to know how he feels."

Susan Harper, who commented on Facebook, said last week's decision to abruptly close the Downeast Correctional Facility was one more strike against Gov. LePage.

"The legislature voted to keep this facility open. The will of the people was not done. It is a dangerous precedent," she wrote.

The State of the State address begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday and will be streamed live on Facebook Live and on NEWS CENTER Maine channels 6.2 and 2.2.