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Governor Mills signs 54 bills into law Friday

Mills signed some notable laws, including repealing proficiency-based diploma law, and a law requiring drivers to yield to transit buses.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Governor Mills signed 54 bills into law Friday ranging from establishing a state ballad, to required gun safety courses for hunters.

Included in the new laws are repealing the proficiency-based learning standards for earning a high school diploma, requiring drivers to yield to transit buses, and allowing certain EMS and law enforcement officers to draw blood from a driver involved in a fatal car crash.

The "yield to buses" law is rather specific: drivers must yield if the public way has a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less, and the transit bus is equipped with a yield sign on the left side of the rear of the transit bus that illuminates to signal the transit bus is reentering the traffic flow.

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The "blood draw" law allows emergency medical services personnel or law enforcement officer trained to draw blood samples to draw a specimen of blood from the operator of a motor vehicle involved in a fatal traffic crash in order to determine the blood-alcohol level or the presence of a drug or drug metabolite.

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