EAST MILLINOCKET & MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Governor LePage asked President Trump to reverse President Obama's controversial executive order that created the Katahdin Woods and Waters national monument.

However, some people say they have seen some economic growth since that monument was created.

Heavy traffic on Main Street? Now that is a sound Clint Linscott has not heard in about a decade; ever since the collapse of the East Millinocket paper mill.

But now things are starting to look up.

“Things have some sort of value, some sort of hope again,” he said.

Ever since the Obama Administration declared the Katahdin Woods and Waters a national monument, Linscott says local businesses have been reaping the benefits.

“I see a continued growth,” said Linscott. “I've watched my building which probably 2 years ago- I probably wouldn't have gotten anything for. Now it has value. Not much value but at least it has some value.”

But not everyone agrees. The region has been divided over the monument's designation and Governor Paul LePage has tried to stop the process multiple times-so Linscott was not surprised when he heard LePage sent President Trump a letter to reverse the monument.

“I expected him to do it. I know what his stand is, I respect him with his stand but I don't agree with it,” he said.

But several other Mainers do. In a Facebook poll I asked viewers whether or not they want to see President Trump overturn the monument and the results were nearly split down the middle.
Though in the Millinocket region no one would go on camera who opposes the monument.
Local business owner, Marsha Donahue believes that is because many are learning to accept the monument.

“It's really something we see as part of this region now and there has been significant investment,” said Donahue.

In his letter Governor LePage also asks Trump- if he can't reverse the executive order- to hand over the management of the national monument to the State.
But Donahue said the state already has enough on its plate.

“It really would just be too much of burden,” she said.

Maine's Republican Senator, Susan Collins said it is a "real legal question" whether President Trump can undo Obama's monument designation.