BRIDGEWATER, NJ (NEWS CENTER) – Cathy Powers pride for her son is noticed at every stop along the Wreaths Across America trek to Arlington National Cemetery.

“He super handsome,” she said as she held up his photo she carries around her neck. “His name is Bryce—Bryce Powers.”

Bryce was a senior airman. He died at the age of 21 after months in a coma. Powers said saying 'good bye' was the hardest thing she has ever had to do.

”Sometimes I can’t stop crying and sometimes I put makeup on and just try to make it through the day,” she said.

Now four years after his death, she is staying strong as she rides in the convoy for her second year.

”It’s not about all just staying in the grief,” Powers said. “I just want to serve our veterans and it makes me feel like I’m alive.”

That feeling is something she shares with everyone around her and help others make it through, including Janice Badgely.

“She has been a Godsend to me,” Badgely said. ”I’m not alone in this world and she’s not alone in this world.”

The two women from North Carolina both lost their sons. However, their bond is unique, because unlike many, their sons were not killed in action.

Bryce Powers was killed in an accident overseas, and Scott Badgley was killed in an incident at home.

”My son was the heart of my family. My first born,” Badgley said as she teared up.

They want others to realize that their sons are heroes just the same.

”That’s what’s so great about Wreaths Across America is that they honor the fallen it doesn’t matter how they passed,” Powers said. “They recognize their sacrifice.“

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With every stop, the two make it their mission to honor that sacrifice no matter the uniform or the situation. They are doing it for their sons.

“I’m doing something my son would love and it’s not just sitting in the sad grief zone. It’s something to live for,” Powers said.

Powers has even published a book about her grieving process in the hopes of helping other Gold Star Families.