BELFAST, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The goats that were on the loose in Belfast on Sunday have been reunited with their owner.


Two kids, baby goats, were picked up by the Belfast PD wandering near High Street early Sunday morning.

Sgt. Fitzpatrick 'captured' the two kids and had them in his squad car driving around town. While driving around all morning, he posted photos of himself and the goats on the Belfast Police Department Facebook page. The post said that while Sgt. Fitzpatrick loves the company; he is running out of vegetables for the goats.

Finally, at around noon, owner Jillian Clapp realized the goats were at the police department and arranged to pick them up.

The goats are named Louis and Mogley. They are 2-year-old Nigerian Dwarf goats and according to Clapp, this was not the first time they had gotten out. She said that there must have been a hole in the fence on her property, and that if their head can fit through a hole, their body can usually slide through as well.

Sgt. Fitzpatrick said that even though Louis and Mogley were rambunctious, they were cooperative and easy to take into custody.

He also urged animal owners to keep their pets and livestock in a safe and secured area so as to avoid the risk of getting injured by a car.