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Puller at the fair drives truck...but PULLS heart strings

Spectators of the truck pulls at the Fryeburg Fair got more than the show they paid for. Over the weekend, they got to see a proposal!

FRYEBURG, Maine — One couple at the Fryeburg Fair over the weekend arrived to participate in the truck pulls, but left an engaged couple!

Before his run, Ryan Pelletier called his girlfriend, Candace Work, down to the track. That's where he got down on one knee and popped the question! She said yes!

Candace wrote in to us to say:

"Ryan has been pulling for years, but this year was the year it really all came together. We spent all winter rebuilding the truck. New transmission, new turbo, engine rebuilt, etc. The truck has been a top contender this season.  

I am so proud of him and how the truck has gone this year. 

When Ryan backed up to the drag and got out of the truck, my first thought was oh no what’s wrong with the truck. Then the announcer had him the microphone and call me down onto the track and popped the question."