HEBRON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Friends and a former teacher are remembering Claire Randall, who was allegedly murdered by her own father at the family's home Thursday in Hebron.

Her father, Daniel Randall, a former pastor, had just left a rehab center for alcoholism recovery. Police said he bought a shotgun, went to the home, killed Claire and then killed himself.

NEWS CENTER wanted to take a moment to focus on who Claire was; friends said she was a positive light in their lives.

A group of friends — Monica Fuhrmann, Hanh Le, Bridget Read, Sarah Stein and Maggie Toth — described her as "the glue that held her friends and family together."

Claire's high school English teacher Kirsten Towers said Claire was a student she will never forget. “Certainly, she was witty,” she said, “and charming. She was almost more impressive because she was so humble.”

Claire was the valedictorian of her high school class. She was gifted in so many ways: the lead singer of a New York city band, a former athlete, a social justice activist…

Towers said what impressed her the most was Claire's humility.

“She did not want to boast about what a great student she was, or what a great singer she was, or what a great human she was, or what a great track star she was,” Towers said. “She didn't want to do that. She wasn't comfortable.”

Towers recalled an assignment when students were asked to write a memoir for her class. Claire wrote about her mother's death in 1993, and its aftermath.

Her mother, Greta Randall died from a fall at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth when Claire was only 3-years-old.

Claire, then a senior in high school, wrote, “It made me realize how much this loss has truly shaped who I am. I am still that little girl, singing with Barney, and talking about my late mother with a confident air. I am still that toddler confronted with the pain of heartache at far too early and age, angry and confused. I am a high school senior, hardened by the hurt of loss, and softened by the loss of hurt. I am old and new, experience and naïve. I am always learning. And though I have come a long way from that Sunday morning, a part of me stays there.”

Despite Claire's tragic past, those who knew her said she was a source of positivity for so many people.

“You know how they say that, it's like, corny saying – that people are like a ray of light?” said Towers, choking back tears. “I'm pretty sure she was all of the rays. Not just one.”

The First Congregational Church in Bristol, Rhode Island, where Claire's father Daniel was a former pastor, held a memorial service Sunday afternoon for both Claire and Daniel.