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Friends celebrate the life of Valerie Tieman

Friends of Valerie Tieman gathered in Fairfield to celebrate her life Sunday night.

FAIRFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Friends of Valerie Tieman gathered in Fairfield on Sunday night to celebrate her life.

Valerie's family and friends held a funeral in the town of Taylors, S.C., Saturday.

Her body was found behind the home she shared with her husband and his parents in Fairfield just a week and a half ago, after she had been reported missing since Aug. 30. Her husband Luc has since been charged with her murder.

Many at Sunday's memorial were looking for closure to weeks of uncertainty ending in sadness. For many, the gathering at Fairfield United Methodist Church was a chance for closure and forgiveness in the face of violence.

"It's about her family and friends, those of us who are here in Maine, getting together and mourning together and finding peace in our hearts with this,” said Tieman’s friend Emily Fournier.

Fournier organized Sunday’s service. Friends filled the pews to honor Valerie’s life.

“She has a family here that adopted her and determined that she was not going to be lost and they would move heaven and earth to make sure she was going to be found,” said Margaret May Lambert.

Despite the happy reflections, they could not help but acknowledge the tragedy that took Valerie’s life too soon.

"We might look at this and say we should not trust and we should not love, because like a fire those we trust and love could consume us,” said Aaron Rowden.

Many described her as “vivacious” — having the ability to light up a room.

"She was always looking on the bright side of everything, and always praising god for every day she walked on earth."

Her light even shining in those she never met.

"This is a woman that I have never met," said Tammy Meunier-Pease. "I can tell you that I spent many nights with Valerie's writings, reading them for her family and she is just a wonderful wonderful, wonderful person."

Valerie Tieman was just 34-years-old.