Bridgton, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The National Weather Service confirms four tornadoes occurred in Maine on Saturday.

The first tornado occurred around Sebago Lake. The next two tornadoes, from separate storms, hit the Bridgton area.

Meteorologists began the day surveying a suspected tornado that was reported on the western shore of Sebago Lake.

Damage was minimal over land, and confined to the are near West Shore Road. However, the weather service says the combination of eyewitness reports, pictures and video showing a well-developed waterspout just off the shore of East Sebago is enough to confirm a tornado.

The tornado was rated an EF-0, the lowest on the scale of zero to five, with winds to 75 mph. It is believed the tornado or waterspout was on the surface for nearly two miles. The width of its path was approximately 50 yards.

Damage surveys then shifted to Oxford County, where two EF-1 tornadoes were confirmed in the Bridgton area.

Several areas of damage were observed along a path beginning on trails at Shawnee Peak, extending across Moose Pond including the causeway on Route 302. Two eyewitnesses spotted the tornado wrapped in rain in the area of Route 302 and Moose Pond.

The weather service rates this tornado an EF-1 with winds up to 100 mph. In addition to trees, power poles were damaged in spots.

The second tornado in Bridgton and third of the day in Maine started around 6:15 p.m. Saturday near Highland Lake. This tornado formed in a separate thunderstorm moving through the area.

Several structures and vehicles were damaged by snapped trees on the west shore of Long Lake in the vicinity of Obelazy Lane. The tornado began on the southeast shore of Highland Lake before crossing through Bridgton, causing extensive damage at a camp ground.

**The last confirmed tornado hit Denmark around 6:10.

Meteorologists say this fourth confirmed tornado was the same tornado that touched down in Bridgton later in the evening.