SOUTH PARIS (NEWS CENTER Maine) — A man who visited Oxford Hills High School was escorted off school property and is not welcome to return after he took pictures of female students in the cafeteria.

Chief Hartley Mowatt of the Paris Police Dept. tells NEWS CENTER Maine, the man is a former Oxford Hills High School student and was visiting the school on Monday, June 11, to get items that were going to be thrown away from the years of his attendance.

After getting the items, the man, whose name is not being released, went to the cafeteria and began chatting with female students reportedly about his high school girlfriend. At one point, the man took a picture of the girls.

The school's resource officer approached the man and told him he had to delete the pictures of the girls. He did, and then he was escorted off school property, said Mowatt.

On Tuesday, June 12, the man came back to the school and was escorted off the school property again. The school then issued a no trespassing order.

Mowatt said police spoke with the parents of the girls and said they felt satisfied that no harm or threat took place.