(NEWS CENTER Maine) — A former Miss Maine Teen USA winner is making national headlines after reportedly assaulting her mother-in-law, husband and resisting arrest.

Lee Goldberg interviewed Krista Glover in the 1998.
Lee Goldberg interviewed Krista Glover in the 1998. 

Krista Glover went to Greely High School and made headlines in Maine during the late 90s for being a standout basketball player and her title as Miss Maine Teen USA, before graduating in 1999.

Police in Florida say Krista Glover got enraged on May 12, over what she thought was her husband, Lucas Glover’s, poor performance at The Players Championship.

Lucas told police that the 36-year-old had been drinking and then attacked him and later his mother.

Krista called 911 saying her mother-in-law was attacking her.

Krista Glover was Krista Wakefield when she was the winner of Miss Maine Teen USA and represented the Pine Tree state.
Krista Glover was Krista Wakefield when she was the winner of Miss Maine Teen USA and represented the Pine Tree state. 

She later hung up the phone, but when the 911 dispatcher called the number back, her husband Lucas Glover answered the phone.

Lucas Glover told the dispatcher that his wife was lying and that there had been a misunderstanding regarding the incident. He also stated he was the “sane one of the bunch” and that his “wife has gone crazy.”

Lucas Glover took to Twitter to say that his wife and mother had a an argument and police were called but that everyone is fine and the family is working through the situation.

Longtime Greely High School basketball coach George Conant, was shocked when he saw Krista Glover's mugshot. Krista played basketball for Conant for three years in the mid to late 90's.

Conant says Krista was an awesome player and went to two state championship games. He says Krista was not only as an excellent athlete but a popular student who had a great attitude and a bright future.

Conant says, "She had this presence about her. She always wanted to do well. She was just someone who wanted to succeed."

NEWS CENTER Maine featured Krista in a story back in 1998. A standout basketball and soccer player who also competed and won the Miss Maine Teen USA title. Conant says, “I couldn't dream up the scenario where I could wake up and read that and have that really be Krista".

Her former coach believes this is Krista's cry for help and cautions people who are quick to judge.

"Many times we want to jump and place blame and I think that’s the worst thing we can do," Conant says.

Conant is hoping Krista can look at the harm that has happened and find a way to make it right. Make it right for her. For her son and a daughter.

Conant is convinced if anyone can make amends and find a way to heal it's Krista.


The incident happened in Ponte Vedra and Krista Glover allegedly “forcefully attacked” him. Lucas' mother intervened to get Krista to stop. Krista allegedly caused Lucas and Hershey to have multiple lacerations to their arms.

Krista Wakefield Glover.jpg
Krista Wakefield Glover was Miss Maine Teen USA and a star basketball player at Greely High School in Cumberland County in the late 90s.  

Deputies responded to the scene and handcuffed Krista. While escorting her to a patrol car, she became combative and tried to separate herself from the deputy, the arrest report said.

While trying to put her in the car, Krista allegedly wrapped her legs and feet around the door and frame of the car, preventing the lower half of her body from getting into the vehicle.

Krista was ultimately put into the car, but she then began screaming and forcefully kicking the rear driver’s side door of the patrol car. She caused the door to visibly separate from the cell of the door frame.

Her husband, Lucas Glover, won the 2009 U.S. Open.

New details from the unredacted police report show that Lucas told police that every time he played poorly in a tournament, his wife Krista would begin yelling at him, "stating that he is a 'loser' and 'p***y'."

Krista also allegedly threatened to leave him with their children and that he would "never see their kids again," the report said.