PORTLAND, Maine — There's an urgent need to keep young Mainers living and working here.

That was one of the messages Wednesday at a luncheon for the Maine Heritage Policy Center, attended by Maine's former governor and the current governor of Kentucky, who has Maine ties.

Former Governor LePage spoke briefly at the podium, introducing his colleague and friend, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Bevin grew up in Coos County, New Hampshire and his father worked in Bethel, Maine. That's also where he graduated from Gould Academy.

He said he's an example of someone who left the area to pursue better work opportunities elsewhere.

"This state needs to look at policies like 'Right to Work,'" he said. 

Nearly 30 states have a right to work law which allows workers who do not join unions to receive union-negotiated benefits. 

Now with Democrats in control of the State House, discussions of Right to Work legislation has yet to surface. However, Governor Janet Mills has signed Maine's earned paid leave law.

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Before heading home, Governor Bevin posed one question for Mainers:

"We say we want a better America, you say you want a better Maine, I say I want a better Kentucky. We say we want better opportunities, how badly?"