LIMINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A combination of efforts from both good Samaritans and the Cornish Fire Department saved a woman from a burning car after crashing it into a tree Monday, officials said.

The York County Sheriff's office said they responded to a single vehicle crash on Route 25 in Limington around noon Monday. Janet Heggeman of Standish, 63, was driving towards Cornish when she lost control and went off the roadway, crashing into a tree head-on, they said.

The tree snapped 20 feet above, and Heggeman's car caught on fire while she was trapped inside.

Three Good Samaritans, Joe Parents and his wife, Shirley, and a man named Don Corbett ran over to help.

"Another 30 seconds and it would have been too late. That's how close it was," said Joe Parent. "I knew someone was going to die if I didn't do it and do it right now."

They, along with the Cornish Fire Department, were able to help get her out before the car was engulfed.

"The smoke when I opened the door was terrible -- I could not see," said Parent. "I zoned in on the person in the car and made up my mind. I knew she was coming out and she was coming with me. She was coming home."

Stan Douglass was shooting video nearby.

"When I got there it would have been way too late. If someone didn't stop and help her out, she wouldn't be around today," said Douglass.

Joe has experience in emergency medicine, as a volunteer with the Sunday River Ski Patrol for the past 30 years.

"She said she was hurting big time and people were hollering that the car was going to explode and we wanted to get her away," said Parent.

Cradling her in his arms, Joe brought her further from the car where rescue crews assisted -- getting her into an ambulance.

"I wanted to be a help. I wanted someone to do it for me if the situation were in reverse," said Parent. "I didn't care what kind of religion she was or what kind of a person he or she was. It was another human being."

Heggeman was transported to Maine Medical Center with extensive, but non-life threatening injuries, according to the York County Sheriff's office.