PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Sebastian Kelley's sister reported him missing on June 17, 2017, it's been nearly a month and friends and family have still have not heard from him and are looking for answers.

"It's not like him at all," says Kelley's fiancé, Cassie Doughty.

"He would never go this long without contacting someone."

Portland Police say Kelley is 30 years-old, is 5"11 and weighs roughly 200 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes and a neck tattoo that says 'Willow Grace'.

"He's been through a lot but he's a really good person and I just hope he's ok," says Doughty.

Doughty was told by police they received a tip from someone that led them to search the Presumpscot River over the weekend.

Westbrook Police were not willing to confirm or deny that statement.

Doughty was also told by police that Portland Police Dept. and Westbrook Police Dept are now working on the investigation together.

"I think he's scared and he's hiding," says Doughty.

"He doesn't know who to trust or who to reach out to."

Doughty says she heard rumors that Kelley got beaten after trying to steal something and was recovering from his injuries somewhere.

Police are asking anyone with information about Kelley to contact Detective Beaumont, 207-874-8524.