WINTER HARBOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) – Two boys from Winter Harbor are being praised for rescuing an elderly woman who had fallen outside her home this past weekend.

It happened while 14-year-old Logan Leighton and 12-year-old Emmett Moshier were walking to the town warf Sunday.

“We were just walking down to the boats to look at the boats like we do a lot,” Moshier said.

They were walking along Harbor Road when they heard a woman yelling for help and a dog parking.

"We got closer and it just got louder and louder,” Moshier said.

They quickly found the woman, who was walking her dog at the time, had slipped on the ramp going into her home.

The two rushed to help. Moshier immediately called his mom and then dialed 911.

"I think she would have froze to death,” Leighton said.

The frigid temperatures on Sunday kept many people inside their homes in town, according to the boys.

"I'm glad we went out even on that cold of a day,” Leighton said.

They said they were able to help the injured woman up the ramp and into her home until help arrived. Moshier's mom was the first to arrive.

"I'm proud of both of them. It was really scary,” Megan Moshier said. “A lot of kids might not have chipped in. A lot of adults might not have taken their turn to help someone."

Emmett said he did not know why everyone was making a big deal about what they had done. They both said it was just the “right thing.”

“We’re just ordinary kids,” Leighton said. “You might not end up in a situation where this could happen but if you do just do what you know to do.”

The woman did not want to be identified. She is now recovering from a leg injury.