SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A program that provides recovery treatment for substance use disorder will use a donation to extend its services to more people.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield donated $10,000 to Operation HOPE in Scarborough on Saturday morning.

The money helps pay for people to enter recovery treatment programs. According to recovery counselors, many people struggling with substance use disorder do not have insurance. And if they do, insurance may not always pay for recovery treatment.

Speaking about the impact of substance abuse on the community, Scarborough Police Chief Robert Moulton said, "People are dying, families are being ripped apart. People who could be productive taxpaying citizens are not because they're caught up in this horrific disease and this truly is a disease. And so, it means a lot to have both recognition and funds to help us get people the help they need."

Operation HOPE has helped more than 280 Mainers since the program launched in Scarborough.