WATERBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two shoppers at the Hannaford grocery store rescued dogs from a burning car Wednesday evening.

The York County Sheriff's Office says a man saw a car on fire in the parking lot-- and he saw that two dogs were trapped inside.

He ran into the Hannaford to try to find the car's owner. A police officer inside the store heard his call for help.

Working together, Captain Dan Bean of the York County Sheriff's Department and the Good Samaritan contained the fire until the Waterboro Fire Department arrived. Then the two men rescued the two dogs, Dyna and Bruno, from the smoldering wreckage.

Police did not provide the name of the Good Samaritan.

Both dogs appeared to be uninjured, according to officials.

The car's owner, Patrick Mazzillo, says he does not know why his car caught fire. But he is very grateful to the two men who saved Dyna and Bruno.