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Discovery+ podcast digs into exoneration of former Indiana trooper

David Camm was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife and two kids. It wasn't until after he spent 13 years behind bars that new DNA evidence surfaced.

INDIANAPOLIS — It's been eight years since former Indiana State Trooper David Camm was exonerated for the murder of his wife and two kids. Now, his case and wrongful conviction are the focus of a Discovery+ podcast. 

"Unraveled" released its latest episode Wednesday, digging into Camm's fight for freedom while spending 13 years in prison for a crime he said he didn't commit. 

Camm was convicted twice for the deaths of his loved ones in 2000. But more than a decade later, he was acquitted after new DNA evidence surfaced.

The podcast also digs into what it's calling a "crisis within the U.S. court system." 

Camm filed a $30 million lawsuit against investigators working his case, claiming they suppressed evidence about a forensic investigator who wasn't qualified. 

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