NAPLES, Maine — The Cumberland County Sheriff's deputies and the Casco Fire and Rescue department responded to the State Park Access Road in Casco for a vehicle in the water and a person trapped in the vehicle on Friday, May 22 at 5:19 p.m.

Casco Fire and Rescue arrived to find Randall Millet, a 59-year-old paraplegic man, was removed from the van by bystanders. Crews assisted Millet out of the water. His wheelchair was still in the van, but Millet was uninjured. 

According to the Cumberland County Sheriff's office Millet was backing his boat into the water at the boat ramp when he lost strength in his arms to apply the brakes. The white 1998 Ford Econoline van he was driving rolled back into the water and stopped with just the front of the roof sticking out. 

Millet was helped out of the van by family members. His wheelchair was still in the van, but Millet was uninjured.

The van was removed by a local tow company.


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