NORRIDGEWOCK (NEWSCENTER Maine) — When reporters are out in the community covering Maine stories, crazy things sometimes happen. Every once in a while, they are even caught on video.

That happened to NEWSCENTER Maine's Samantha Sugerman who was reporting in Norridgewock on Sunday, October 7 for the dedication of a bridge named for Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Cpl. Eugene Cole who was killed while on duty in April.

Sugerman was getting ready to record herself when an ATV revved up its engine crossing the intersection on Bridge Road. The ATV, driven by a woman with a male passenger, went up on two wheels and then rolled seemingly over the female driver.

A stunned Sugerman called out to the couple to see if they were okay, but both had already gotten back on their feet.

Corporal Jackson of the Somerset County Sheriff's Office said there was no hospital report of injury from the accident, so they assume both the driver and passenger are okay.

Jackson also said Bridge Road is an ATV access road like several roads in Maine, so it is not against the law to drive an ATV there. Most roads in Maine are not legal for ATVs to drive on.

To the pair in the video, all of us at NEWS CENTER Maine sincerely hope that you are feeling alright.