Portland, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- October is going in the books as the warmest on record.

In Portland, temperatures on 26 of the 31 days were above average. The monthly temperature departure was over seven degrees, but some individual days were more than 15 degrees above average.

The monthly mean temperature of 56.2 degrees broke the long-standing record of 55.3 degrees set in 1947.

It was also a record-breaking month in Bangor. The average temperature of 55.9 degrees broke the previous record (54.2 degrees in 1968) by over a degree.

Coming off of a very warm September, it is no surprise that the combination of September and October is also the warmest on record, in both cities.

Meteorological fall is the months of September, October and November, so this is the warmest start to fall on record. That means if November is mild, we may be looking at one of the warmest falls on record.