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Convicted wife killer, Luc Tieman, sentenced to 55 years

Sentencing comes a month after a jury returned a quick guilty verdict against Luc Tieman

SKOWHEGAN (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Prosecutors got their request as a judge sentenced Luc Tieman to 55 years in prison for the murder of his wife.

The decision followed heart-rending statements from the family of Valerie Tieman. Her body was found in August 2016, having been shot to death and buried a grave on property owned by Luc Tieman's parents in Fairfield. Buried with her were a bag of potato chips and an apology note bearing Luc Tieman's signature.

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The sentencing Friday morning in Somerset County Superior Court in Skowhegan came a month after the trial ended. The jury returned with a guilty verdict after a relatively short period of deliberation.

Friends of Valerie Tieman gathered at the United Methodist Church in Fairfield to celberate her life. Many described her as “vivacious” — having the ability to light up a room.

As part of her statement at the sentencing procedings, Valerie Tieman's mother said, "The heartache and grief are real. I am overwhelmed with disgust to know that Luc still denies what happened. He is an evil-hearted man and for that reason he deserves a sentence of life in prison."

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Luc Tieman's mother also spoke on behalf of her son. She asked the court to "consider the whole life of our son Luc Tieman, I don’t ask you to ignore evidence, but I ask you to consider the whole person, and I ask you to balance justice with mercy."

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