RUMFORD, Maine — Two weeks ago Greg Viger was told he had stage-four liver cancer, a diagnosis that would not only impact his family but the entire community of Rumford and surrounding towns.

"His passing is not just going to affect this family his passing is going to affect entire community," his niece April Deroche said. "He doesn’t want to say goodbye he wants to say see there."

When the community found out, they knew they wanted to do something to show Viger how much he means to everyone. So they decided to meet outside of Rumford Hospital, which is where Viger is currently staying, and show him.

"We want to give back to him what he’s given to all of us," Melissa Fallon said. "We want to give them that hug before we can’t."

Dozens of people filled the hospital's parking lot, held hands and created a half circle in front of a large glass part of the building. Sitting inside, looking out, was Viger and his family.

On the count of three everyone there waved, cheered 'We love you Greg' and made heart shapes with their hands.

"This is a celebration of life today so he can celebrate with us," Dorie Oakes said. "So he can know just how much everyone here loves him."

Those who know him best say it isn't just his love for the area that makes him stand out, but his ability to capture moments through a lens.

"He took the best of everything and the best he saw in each person and he put it forward in his pictures," Fallon said.

His family says thank you to everyone who came out to make this day so special

Greg Viger passed away Monday morning, Jan. 14 a day after this tremendous show of community support.