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Civilian-led search for Kim Moreau yields no results

Kim's father Richard led more than 20 friends on a search for his daughter who disappeared nearly 30 years ago.
A poster of Kim across from the property Richard searched Saturday.

CANTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A group of civilians continued a 30-year-long search for Kimberley Moreau on Saturday, but found nothing.

Kim's father Richard led the search without the help of Maine State Police.

"Obviously we didn't do it today, but there's another day," said Moreau.

His friends gathered outside the Canton Post Office Saturday morning, ready to investigate a tip from a stranger about a property along Highway 108. That location was not far from Brian Enman's property, where State Police searched roughly 90 days ago.

"The first time I refuse to go and check something out like that -- that'll be the time that would have brought her home," said Moreau.

People Richard has never met stopped by to show support. Doris Austin brought bottled water for the men and women who searched the property.
"We all have family. It could be anybody and anybody's family that just comes up missing someday and we want them to know that they have help, they have supporters," said Austin.

Richard and more than 20 friends searched the property and found nothing. Richard still maintains that he is getting closer to finding his daughter.

"We're looking for a needle in a haystack. We moved a couple of pieces of straw today. Not one, but a couple of them, so we're that much closer. If we move enough of those pieces of straw, we'll eventually find that needle," said Moreau. "I want to see this thing end before we hit snowfall. It's getting there quick."

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