WESTBROOK, Maine — The Bethel Christian Center in Westbrook opened its doors to asylum seekers and refugees and treated them to a Thanksgiving feast.

"I'm so excited to be here," said Paul Munyura.

Munyura and his family celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time Sunday, at the Bethel Christian Center.

He is grateful for the warm meal and to be surrounded by friends in his new, safe home.

Munyura came to Maine with his family in May.

He said he escaped a life in central Africa that was characterized by poverty and violence.

"Rough life, prosperity according to conditions I was living in. You know what's going on in Congo. There's a war," said Munyura.

The Bethel Christian Center said everyone who comes through the doors are treated the same.

"We love it that they have a place they can call home, where they can feel welcome, knowing people can speak their languages," said Rev. Mutima Peter.

Munyura said here in Maine, he has so much to be thankful for, including learning about an American tradition.

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