YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Ruth Dalto's veterinarian practice Holistic Healing for Animals in Yarmouth isn't your average vet office. You won't see conventional medicine or methods. Dr. Dalto treats all of her furry or feathered patients with holistic medical therapies.

As a trained veterinarian she has worked in traditional clinical setting and animal shelters, but after furthering her education on holistic treatments she now only uses alternative medicine, including acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy.

Whether a pet owner brings their patient for a health problem or just a spine adjustment, Dr. Dalto's approach is to treat the patient as an individual and restore balance to their body.

Dalto says a large majority of her chiropractic clientele are older dogs, who's owners notice weakness in their back ends. She also says that while holistic treatments are more expensive and take longer to see results, the results are long lasting and make for a healthier animal.