WESTBROOK, Maine — Another concert comes to Westbrook's Rock Row on Saturday, and staff at the venue are taking steps to address the public's concern about noise.

On June 18, staff posted on the Rock Row Facebook page, noting a number of changes to "minimize any excess noise," including:

· Hanging the Maine Savings Pavilion speakers lower and angled them more towards the ground.
· Putting the subwoofers on the stage vs. the ground to help alleviate vibrations.
· Reducing the 63hz frequency in an attempt to lessen bass impact.

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They say they will continue to use stationary and mobile sound monitors during concerts to measure decibel levels and ensure compliance with Planning Board requirements, as well as continue to operate an event compliance hotline (207-558-6007) to log calls of anyone who has feedback on events at Rock Row. 

"As data is compiled from future shows, it will help us better understand what aspects are working well and where we can improve. We appreciate the feedback and support of the Westbrook and Portland communities and are working closely with our partners at the City of Westbrook and our concert operator to provide the best experience possible for residents and visiting concert goers alike," staff wrote. "While we are still working to address some concerns, we also know we are making a positive difference in Westbrook and beyond, bringing new visitors to the city and providing experiences that contribute to economic activity and Westbrook’s rising popularity as a place to live and work."

Saturday's concert is Shinedown. Doors open 5 p.m. The show begins at 6:30 p.m.