MACWAHOC PLANTATION, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man from Southern Aroostook County who fought for his life after a chainsaw accident is now fighting another battle.

"I thought I was dying,” said 68-year-old Dwight Osgood.

Osgood’s son Justin, who drove him to the hospital, is now facing charges including driving to endanger.

Police said he was driving upwards of 100 mph along Route 2 to reach the nearest hospital more than 24 miles away in Lincoln.

Osgood said he might not be here if it was not for his son.

"Lucky to be alive," Osgood said. "The doctor says millimeters either way with that chainsaw and I'd be a dead man."

Dwight's wife, Pamela, was on the phone with 911 from inside the car throughout the trip.

"I told them, ‘I'm not going to them you aren't going to stop. You tell him,’ and I passed the phone to him," Pamela Osgood said.

Still, she said her son made the right choice.

"I wasn't sure just how bad it was," she said. "We put a rag in his wound and I wasn't sure how much he was going to bleed because he's on blood thinners, and I was worried about how much he'd bleed out."

Despite an ambulance waiting for them just before downtown Lincoln, Dwight had his son keep going.

"I said 'go, I'll pay the fine. I'll pay the consequences, but I can't pay his record,'” he said.

Police said the family was even speeding through a school zone and busy downtown. That’s when two officers reportedly blocked the car and slowed it down, escorting them to the hospital.

"If a person's going to make that decision he also has to be aware of the consequences that may result from his choices too,” said Lincoln police chief Dan Summers said. "No matter if it's an emergency situation or not, you've got to be thinking about the safety of others."

The son said he served two tours in the military, is going to school to become a police officer and never expected any of this to happen.

Dwight Osgood wholeheartedly feels that his son was just doing the right thing.

"It just makes me feel like crying," he said. "He's a good man and I'm proud of him."

Now it is a bit of a waiting game for the family.

Dwight Osgood’s son, Justin, is scheduled to go before a judge in early November.