CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine — People visiting a popular destination in Cape Elizabeth may soon have to start paying parking fees.

Last week, residents of Cape Elizabeth published a draft plan outlining potential fees at Fort Williams, which surrounds the famous Portland Head Light.

From May 1 to November 1, anyone who lives outside of Cape Elizabeth would have to pay two dollars an hour to park in 270 premium spaces.

Spaces could only be reserved in two hour increments, making the total minimum visit cost four dollars. 

Visitors would also be able to buy 10 dollar all day passes and 15 dollar full season passes.

"That wouldn’t be that taxing on me," said visitor David Maziarka of Jacksonville, Fla. "I’d be alright with two dollars parking, especially if it's going to the upkeep of the park."

David Allen, visiting from Washington, D.C., agreed.

"Wouldn’t mind paying if it’s going to preserve everything here."

Town officials and Unified Parking Partners, a company bidding to operate the parking system, say it could bring in $317,000 for Cape Elizabeth.

A public hearing on the fees will be held on May 6, and a town council vote will follow on May 13.