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Sledding in Tahoe: Cheap places to go & real-time road conditions map

California Sno-Parks offer a cheap alternative to resorts. Here's Rob Carlmark's breakdown of Tahoe area sledding spots.

One of the big questions of having fun in the snow is where to go for Sierra Snow.

There are so many options it can be overwhelming, but your purpose can really narrow it down. If you are looking for an all day big-mountain adventure, the ski resorts are world class. If you want a big day in the snow for kids who want fun, but maybe haven't mastered skiing, there are lots of professional tubing outfits that can offer an amazing day out.

There are many of us though who want just a few hours to make a snowman, throw some snowballs and sled for a bit. Everyone has fun, gets cold and wet and it's time to go home. There is a great and legal option you may not know about called California Sno-parks.

One of the side issues with pulling over off a road and sledding or playing in the snow is that you are probably doing this on somebody's private land. If somebody gets hurt, or if it gets busy, the owner may not want any of that action and you may get run off. California Sno-parks are run by the state and offer plowed roads, parking and very useful restrooms. For many families, this ticks most off the boxes and all can be had for a $5 fee for a permit or $25 per season.

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These permits can be purchased online before your visit and that is important. They enforce this by looking for a permit located on your dashboard, so print it out before you go. Permits are also sold locally at shops, but you need to go there before you park. It's a great easy option for a big of fun on a budget.

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