PORTLAND, Maine (NEW CENTER) — Friday's Bug Fest at the Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine gave children the opportunity to learn about the little critters that make a big impact on our ecosystem.

The festival celebrated everything about the creepy crawlers, from their role producing in the food we eat, to actually being food we can eat. Ehrlich pest control was on hand with an extensive menu of insect-based foods, from mealworm mac and cheese, to cricket cookies.

Children and parents learned about how bugs are a daily part of people's diets around the world and their nutrition value. "I think there can be a lot of fear around bugs," said Laura Poppick, science coordinator and education team leader, about what she hopes visitors learned on Friday. "So, maybe leaving with more of an excitement around bugs and an inspiration and a willingness to see them as a food source, as well."

For every bug eaten, the pest control company donated one dollar to the Children's Museum and Theatre.