BOOTHBAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – While some communities are canceling or postponing “penguin” or “polar” plunges, one midcoast YMCA was not going to be deterred.

Monday, dozens of people dipped their hands and feet in icy water in Boothbay to raise money for the second-grade swim program at the Boothbay Y.

It was the first time in 16 years the plunge's organizers saw ice at the bottom of the water.

They talked with public safety groups before okaying Monday's festivities and decided since next weekend's weather won't be much better, to go forward.

“We had a gentleman out in a dry suit,” said plunge organizer, Larry Brown. “We talked about it quite a bit and we had all the safety things in place with the ambulance, fire department and police here.”

Though participants were encouraged not to jump all the way in, eight or ten did so anyway.

Water temperatures in the Gulf of Maine were in the low 40s though, in some coves, they were even lower.

Air temperatures at the time of the plunge were in the single digits before wind chills.