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Body found in trunk of car at Pittsfield auto dealership

PITTSFIELD (NEWS CENTER Maine) — State police want to know how and why a woman's body ended up in the trunk of a vehicle at a car dealership in Pittsfield.

The woman's body was discovered Friday in the trunk of a Chevy Malibu at Varney Chevrolet, according to Maine Public Safety spokesperson Steve McCausland. He would not say who found the body.

Police said the car had been towed from Walmart in Palmyra to the dealership in Pittsfield. It was apparently taken to the dealership because a family member did not have a key for it, McCausland said.

McCausland would not say whether state police knew the woman's identity or how the body got in the trunk of the car, which is registered in Maine.

The car was put on the back of a tow truck and taken to Augusta to preserve evidence for the investigation. It appeared the body had not been removed prior to the transport of the vehicle.

An autopsy is expected to be performed Saturday.

The dealership remained open during the investigation.

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