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'Blinding sun' blamed for massive 30-car pileup on I-95 in Carmel on Tuesday

Drivers that spoke to NEWS CENTER Maine on Tuesday are sure of one thing, the angle of the sun at the time made it really hard to see.

CARMEL, Maine — Blinding sun, coming in at the worst possible angle, is being blamed for a massive 30-car chain reaction crash on I-95.

It happened Tuesday, January 7, 2020, just before 8 a.m.

Police reported earlier in the day they believed the number of cars to be closer to 60, but later they that number to about 30.

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center said in a press conference Tuesday that the hospital admitted 11 people. The hospital said most had scrapes and bruises, but that one person had a fracture. Several of the injured were released quickly.

One man was also taken to the hospital from the scene by Life Flight. His identity has not been released.

His current condition, nor the extent of his injuries, are known at this time.

There were many drivers in the area that luckily did not crash, but were stuck for nearly 3 hours waiting for the scene to clear. 

Police are continuing to investigate the crash and the extent of its causes.

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