MILO (NEWS CENTER Maine) – The Portland-based brewery, Bissell Brothers, recently opened a new location. This time, it's in their hometown.

Peter and Noah Bissell decided to open another location of their popular brewery and taproom in Milo. Because there’s no place like home.

“We love Portland, we’ll always love Portland but you can never lose the attachment of where you’re from,” Noah Bissell said.

And the brothers, who are well-known in the small town, were welcomed home with open arms.

“I think it’s great. It’s the story of the sons coming home,” Damien Pickel, Town Manager and Police Chief said.

The Milo community has supported the brothers since they opened their doors in Milo just last month. Bissell Brothers held a soft opening for locals and former teachers, coaches and friends came out to show their support.

Noah and his wife Hester say they are amazed and blown away by the support they’ve received.

The new taproom also may be helping the local economy. Pickel said that they have already seen an increase in traffic.

“It’s huge for the community. Anything that’s gonna put Milo on the map, that’s gonna have people open up their eyes and say, listen I’m gonna stop at Milo. It’s those things that attract tourism, that attract people to come through because people drive through Milo to get to other locations that are further up the state,” Pickel said.

And that’s what the brothers are looking to do in their hometown.

“You know, one business is only one business but hopefully, to get people here is just the first step,” Noah said. “If we were going to do another location, Milo is the only place that it could be.” He added.

The Milo location is open Friday's 3-6, Saturday's 12-6 and Sunday's 12-5.