BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Paranormal investigators believe they may have captured footage last month of a ghostly figure inside Biddeford's City Theater.

Members of EVP Paranormal of Maine‎ released a video Wednesday on its Facebook page showing an eerie image.

According to company's co-founder, Caroline Mezoian, the team believes that, following an investigation on Dec. 19, 2016, they have a photo that may be of a someone walking up a staircase behind the house's patron seating area — a woman who has not been alive for more than a century.

Described in the video, Mezoian and her team think the image they captured may be the spirit of Eva Gray, who is said to be the resident ghost of the theater.

City Theater's history page says on Halloween Eve of 1904, Gray collapsed while singing "Goodbye Little Girl, Goodbye" — her third encore of the performance — later dying of heart failure backstage.

They say she was 33 years old, and her young daughter was watching the performance.

What do you think? Does the ghost of Eva Gray really exist?

Check out EVP Paranormal of Maine's findings below: